Most of the activities on the internet are regulated, except Blockchain, which is a new 
technology that brings breakthrough innovation. 

You cannot regulate it. You cannot change it. You cannot direct it. This brings an amazing new layer to the internet which gives you the freedom.

We decided to use the blockchain as a decentralized database for posting content similar to today's social networks but without any regulations.

It is your space and you are responsible for the content you share. 

Why Blockchain? Why Neblio?

With Blockchain we can offer you the solution where the database and all logic is on the blockchain. That's why we do not need to run any servers and earn money on advertisements or selling any user data to 3rd parties. We believe that this new model of IT services is much superior than today's model where people have "free" service but their space is filled with advertisements beause someone has to "pay the bills" for running centralized servers.

There are too many blockchains. But we think the Neblio is easy to use, it has its own token ecosystem (with metadata content) and it is very well prepared for scale. Also with friendly developers which helped us with the implementation. The gas fees are stable and very low. So it fits all our needs.


VE NFT Application is free space for your content. Now it offers these posibilities:

Neblio Web Wallet

VE NFT will create you a Neblio Blockchain address and you can then use the application as a wallet. You can send and receive payments in Neblio and its NTP1 tokens.

Dogecoin Web Wallet

VE NFT will create you a Dogecoin Blockchain address and you can then use the application as a wallet. You can attach the messages and images to the transactions.

Multiple Accounts in one Wallet

You can create multiple Neblio Addresses in one wallet. All these accounts can have own name, tab and NFT browser. You can use them as folders for your NFTs, for sending classic payments of minting NFTs.


Main function is working with the NFTs. You can create multiple kinds of original NFTs such as Image or Music and also re-usable NFTs such as Post which can carry whole stream of information.

Music NFTs

All Music NFTs can be played in the Web application. It will play the songs even when the screen of your smartphone is turned off.
Now you can sort the NFT songs and videos into specific Sub Accounts based on the kind of music, or your preferences.

Much better functions like playlists, etc. Soon

NFT Browser with Tabs

Blockchain is whole layer on the internet. That's why VE NFT App contains its own browser like classic Web browsers which will help you to read the content created by your friends.

Sell and Buy NFTs

Have you ever wish to have your own e-shop, but it was too difficult for you to set it up?
With VE NFT you can easily mint your item as NFT and directly setup the price in the app. Then anyone can directly buy it and the process will be fully automated.

Create your own plugins

This application is opensource. It opens the way to create your own plugins and sub applications to this new world space. You can contact us for help if you need any assistance or consulting.

Verify NFT Ownership

You can simply verify the ownership of someone's NFT. They will just show you a QR code, you will capture it with the camera on the VENFT app and you will get the result in seconds. This can be used for ticket to concerts, planes, events, etc.

Direct Messaging tool

Encrypted content offers a great way of highly secured direct communication between two Neblio addresses. Parties do not need to share password. It calculate it from Private Key. It is very simple and secured way. Thanks to Airdrops you are totally anonymous here.

NFT Events and Tickets

NFT Events and Tickets are compatible pair of NFTs. You can create event for different purposes and created related NFT Tickets which can be used as replacement for classic paper tickets. This system includes verification tools of these tickets. (Android App will be published soon)

Unstoppable domains Support

In any address input line you can use Unstoppable Domain address (for example "mydomain.crypto"). Application will automatically contact Unstoppable Domain API and request the blockchain address and prefill the receiver field.

WooCommerce Integration

VENFT has integration with WooCommerce WordPress plugin. You can install very easilly eshop with VENFT Server App which can run even on Rasperry PI and provide automatic processing of ordered NFTs. You can publish NFTs directly from VENFT App to your e-shop.

Payment Gateway

VENFT implements payment gateway. You can prepare the link with all the information for the payment. It is great for the integration with the eshops, where you can prepare "Payment" button with all the informations. Payment Gateway supports both Neblio and Dogecoin.

Soon: Encrypted content in NFT

With encrypted content you will be able to hide anything into your NFT. This will create you the space where you can store your data and have them always available and highly secured. We have already created functions for encryption, now we are working on integration to UI.

Create, Browse, Sell and Buy Independent content on the Blockchain

With Integrated NFT browser you can display the data in a user friendly form which cannot be changed.

Are you ready to start?

It is very simple to start using VENFT App. We have prepared for you simple guide for the first steps with this application. You can read it here:

VENFT Airdrop

For communication on the VE NFT platform you need VENFT tokens and Neblio. These tokens are created on Neblio blockchain. We will do an airdrop repeatedly to provide these tokens to as many user as we can. So please register to the airdrops and enjoy your new free digital space :)

Request free VENFT and Neblio

Please open VENFT App, create your Neblio Address (do not worry it is free, no need to provide email or any personal details) and just add this address to the form. We will send you VENFT and some Neblio for gas fees in the next Airdrop run. If you need it earlier, please contact us via Email, Discord or Telegram.

In every Airdrop we send to the address 100 VENFT and 0.05 NEBL (enough for pay 250 transactions fees). Airdrop will be every Sunday starting 30th April 2021 and onwards.

Please input Neblio Blockchain address! If you do not have this address please create it first here: VENFT App

Neblio Address
Name or Nick (optional)
Message (optional)

About Us

We are independent people who believe in a free world where people can share whatever they want. That's why we are building the tools to make this possible.

Tomas Svoboda

Solution Architect and Main Developer


These are our main partners who help us with this project.

Contact Us

You can contact us on our social network account, email, or on Neblio address