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Here you can find guidelines on how to use VE NFT.

Let's start with VE NFT

Important information

It is important to know that the VE NFT App runs in just your web browser. Both The Neblio/Doge Address and Encrypted Private Key are stored
on your browser and not on any centralized server. You will need to backup the address and private key as soon as possible. Backing up your address and private key will allow you to recover your account on any other device.

VE NFT is an open-source project. You are free to explore the code and if you will have any questions please contact us.

Now lets start :)

Create New Address

What is an address and How to create it?

A Neblio address is a classic blockchain address. It is derived from a unique private key which matches with just this address. Your address and private key are automatically calculated when you start using VE NFT.

Your private key is always stored in an encrypted state. It is secured with the password that you set when you start using the VE NFT App. You will need to remember this password because without it you cannot use your account.

When you open VE NFT App in your browser the app will check to see if you already have an address/private key. If you do not have an existing address/private key it will open a dialog window which will allow you to create a new address or import an existing address.

To create a new address, you just need to set a password and confirm it. Please ensure your password is strong enough and do not share it with anyone!

If you want to import an existing address you will need your private key. If the private key is in the encrypted state you will need to input your original password as well. If it is not encrypted you will be able to set a new password.

Another option of import is backing up a file from another instance of VENFT App. This helps to move whole environment including Sub Accounts, Opened Tabs, Messaging, etc. In this case just load the file and input your password.

Now you can start using your new Neblio address :)

Your Account

We recommend you to start by creating your profile. Your profile will be visible to other users when they browse your address.

Your profile is an NFT, but reusable, and it is written to the blockchain. You can edit your profile at any time but remember that any change is a transaction on the blockchain and incurs a small fee.

In the account tab you can browse all the addresses of all your transactions. There are two lists, the first are all transactions and second are the payments received for NFTs (an explanation of them will be available later).

At the bottom of the account page there are some tools:

  • Message Signatures and Verification
  • NFT Verifier Tool
  • Price stats of Neblio
  • Price conversion of Neblio

Now you can Mint your first own NFT :)

Sub Accounts

You can create multiple Neblio Addresses in the VENFT App. You can find this feature in the page NFT Explorer. The main reason of the creating the new accounts here is the sorting of the NFTs. But, all these addresses are fully working Neblio addresses. All of them are ecnrypted with use of the main address. When you do the export of the address you can see all of these sub account addresses too. Please do the backup anytime you are creating new sub accounts.

You can send init amount of Neblio to the SubAccount during you are creating the new one. If you do not expect to do some actions on the SubAccounts and it is just the "folder" for the NFTs you do not need to send any Neblio. When you expect to do any action on the Sub Account you will need to send some Neblio to the Sub Account for the fees (one transaction costs 0.0002 NEBL).

You can create a Name for each Sub Account. This name is also saved as a bookmark automatically.

You can select your sub accounts for minting and for sending transactions. Just select it in the top of the page in the dropdown menu.

Are you Dogecoin lover?

Dogecoin Account

VENFT App includes a Dogecoin wallet too.

If you import the account you can import your existing Dogecoin address or the VENFT will create new one for you.

With this Dogecoin web wallet you can send Messages and images with all the payments. So have fun :)

Now you can Mint your first own NFT :)

Minting an NFT

Minting an NFT is easy. In fact, you already minted your first NFT on VE NFT when you created your profile, but now you can mint some more NFTs which will be displayed on your page.

Remember that to mint NFTs you will need VENFT tokens and some Neblio for the fees. If you do not have these please send a request for an airdrop of it and we will send you some to get started :)

There are 3 kinds of NFTs that you can Mint now:

  • Image NFT - Non editable again
  • Music NFT - Non editable again
  • Ticket NFT - Non editable again
  • Post NFT - Editable NFT
  • Event NFT - Editable NFT

First three NFT types (image, music & ticket) once minted cannot be changed. They will always have the original data which was included when minted. A Post NFT is a post similar to those on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can write whatever you want, add an image if you want, and post it. The advantage of this Post NFT is that you can edit/upgrade it yourself or you can send it to someone else, they can then add some his ideas, images, and send it back or forward it to someone else.

With NFT Event you can create description of some event like online meeting, birthday, concert, etc. and then create NFT Tickets for this event.  NFT Ticket connected to the NFT Event will always find newest version of the NFT Event to keep the owners of the Tickets updated about news.

How do I Mint an NFT?

  • Open "New NFT" page
  • If you own both VENFT and CORZT you can select source tokens for minting
  • Select the type of the NFT
  • Fill in the NFT Name field
  • Fill in any other info that you want to include (i.e. Author, Description, Link)
  • If you will add a Link (for example your website) it will be displayed as interactive Link in the NFT.
  • Upload the Image or Music you want to be the content of the NFT by selecting the file and pressing the upload button.
  • After successful upload you should see the uploaded content in the preview
  • You can also use and an already uploaded IPFS/cloud link. Just copy the link to the textbox for image or music link. If the link is correct you will see the preview again.
  • If you want you can create multiple copies of this NFT (each copy is an original NFT) or set the price of this NFT during the minting process then you can select the checkbox "With Price" or "With Copies" and fill in the values.
  • You can mint the NFT to the same address or to another address. If you want to mint NFT to another address, just select the checkbox "Mint to Another Address" and fill Neblio Address.
  • You can then click on Mint NFT and thats it. After you have minted an NFT you can see it in the list of 10 newest NFTs on the right (bellow on the phone)
  • If you want to mint NFT Tickets, you must mint the NFT Event first. Then you will use this NFT txid as a source template for creating the NFT Ticket. After inputing the NFT Event txid, the Application will load and prefill the fields automatically. You can just select kind of the ticket, duration and mint.

Maybe you ask... where is my image or music stored? It is stored on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). It is a new kind of storage similar to blockchain, but for files. Please visit IPFS page ( if you want to explore more details.
In this moment we pin all of these images to keep them always available.

Lets explore your NFTs now :)

Markdown formatting in NFTs

NFTs can carry Text up to 5000 characters with Markdown formatting.

This can help you to provide much more readable text. You can use all markdown formatting characters and most of the HTML tags too. You can create for example links, include formatted images into the NFT description, etc. Just try it. There is an interactive preview in the minting form.

Lets explore your NFTs now :)

Your NFTs

In the NFTs page you can find all the NFTs you minted (this means Image, Music and Post NFTs).

Each NFT is displayed as one "card". When you need to see details you can click on the "info" button on the card, this will show you all the details of the NFT.

There are few important things to watch in the details window:

  • Number of confirmations (means confirmation of this transaction in the blockchain)
  • Link to Neblio Explorer where you can check all Tx details
  • Link to original image. Just click to image and it will show you original link on the IPFS
  • History of the NFT - load all steps in history of this NFT since it was minted
  • Tools

I think most of the points here are clear and you can click on it and you will see what happens. You cannot break anything so do not worry about trying and exploring these functions :)

On each NFT card you can find 3 same buttons (these buttons will display if an NFT has more than 2 confirmations - which takes approximately 1 minute) these are:

  • Send NFT - use this to send NFT to new owner
  • Set Price - set the price of the NFT (this will resend the NFT to your wallet whilst setting the new fee)
  • QR - show a unique NFT verification code - valid for just one minute. You can read this QR and validate it with the tool you have in account page.

Post NFT has one more button - Edit. This will open a popup window with the Minting Form and you can update the NFT information included and re-mint it with new info.

Now you can start using your new Neblio address :)

Browse people NFTs

VE NFT App has an inbuilt browser for other users NFTs. It is very similar to a web browser. 

If you wish to browse some another address, just click "+" and add a new tab. You can fill the address manually, or choose from a public list (top 50 NFT owners) or from your bookmarks.

Just like in a web browser you can save an address as bookmark. Just click to little star (), fill the name and save. The opened tab will change the name and it will be more easy to coordinate when you have opened multiple tabs.

Ok, so how the selling and buying of NFTs works?  :)

Sell and Buy NFTs

VE NFT App offers you a very simple way to buy or sell NFTs.

You do not need to register anywhere, you can do everything from inside the app. So, how does it work?

Each NFT can carry the information about its price. If the price of an NFT is not set it will not display the possibility to buy it.

You can set the price when you mint an NFT, or later by viewing the NFT details.

When someone buys your NFT it will create a special payment combined with Neblio (price you set) and one VENFT token which carry the information in the form of NFT Payment (special kind of the NFT). This NFT keeps the information of what NFT was bought and when the payment (which you can see in your Account page) will have enough confirmations the app will process the order automatically and send the new owner the right NFT.

Buying directly from the browser is disabled because of WooCommerce integration which offers much smooth way how to build your own E-shop with the NFTs. 

The newest version of the VENFT contains also integration to the WooCommerce eshop. You can upload the NFT products to your eshop directly from the VENFT App. 

Because of this integration we have designed a new VENFT Server App. It is desktop client (it can run in cloud too) which can receive orders, match the payment transaction and process/dispatch the order. Guidelines for setting up this application together with WooCommerce E-shop will be published soon.

Here you can find more information about WooCommerce

If you need to contact some address directly you can use messaging.


This is very helpful feature. You can send direct messages to any other Neblio blockchain address.

To initiate a message, you can click the envelope icon in the browser when you browse some other address. Or You can add a new messaging tab for the address and then you can write new message.

Each message is an NFT created with VENFT token transaction. The data in the message are encrypted with shared secret (EDCH algorithm). You do not need to share password with second party. It is huge advantage. Password for encryption is calculated automatically with use of combination of public and private keys of the parties.

You can send message anytime on new token (as new NFT). This will create new thread for communication. Then you can resend this NFT with second party and each time you can add new message. This thread can be tracked as a NFT history in the message details. This will help you to keep structure in communication when you talk with one person about multiple topics at the same time :)

Last thing is sending common blockchain payments  :)

Send Payments

You can use the VENFT App as a Neblio wallet. It is very simple to send payments. 

In the page "Send" page you can send Neblio payment or VENFT token payment. You will just select the receiver and amount and click to the "Send" button.

Both kind of transactions has also the possibility to send "Split" Transaction. How does it work? 

You will select some number of lots of same amounts. For example 5 x 0,05 NEBL. These outputs (coins) will be send to:
- same address as sending if you do not fill the receiver.
- all to another address if you will fill one receiver.
- each to different address. You must fill for each lot one receiver.

This feature is great when you need to speed up payments processing. You can imagine same situation with classic money. If you have one $100 bill you have to do one transaction and split it to for example two $50 to be able to do two transactions simultaneously. Same rules works on the blockchain.

Are you ready to join?  :)

Unstoppable Domains Integration

All Address fields are connected to the Unstoppable Domains API. 
You can input just the domain and address is obtained from Unstoppable Domains automatically.

You can read about Unstoppable Domains here

Do you need to prepare payments for your customers?

Payment Gateway

New VENFT App contains integrated payment gateway for Neblio and Dogecoin transactions.

You can create the link which integrates the payment information.
These kinds of links are used in the WooCommerce integration in the e-shop cart checkout. 

If you have VENFT App already set up you can try it here:

Are you ready to join?  :)

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